Terms & Conditions




The seller is responsible for any and all fulfilment of orders. Love Our Craft are not responsible for delivery of items nor any damage of items caused by delivery. These issues must be resolved between the seller and the consumer. We can neither guarantee that all items bought in a single purchase from multiple sellers will arrive at the same time




Love Our Craft is not responsible for refunds, the responsibility lies solely with the seller themselves, as such any disputes must be resolved through them


Age restricted products


As an intermediary Love Our Craft are not responsible for any underage purchasing of age restricted items. By law you must be over eighteen to drink alcohol in the British Isles


Alcohol licensing


The seller, not Love Our Craft, is responsible for ensuring they have a valid and appropriate license to sell alcohol


Rights to refuse access to our platform


As a marketplace we reserve the right to refuse an individual or company the ability to sell using our platform. We will strive to give a reason but do not need to do so