Craft breweries in Cardiff


Craft Beer in Cardiff has exploded, and Wales' capitol city, is now home to a variety of Craft Breweries, large and small, perhaps the largest of which is Tiny Rebel, the craft brewery often regarded as the one to start the craft beer movement in Wales. Cardiff is where you will find Wales' most famous brewery, Brains, loved by the welsh, especially in their capitol, and especially on a match day, where the atmosphere and craft beer consumed during a home international rugby game is unrivalled.


Outside Cardiff you will find hidden craft beer gems like Pipes Brewery and Flowerhorn Brewery, the taprooms of each you must visit. Beyond Cardiff and towards the coast you'll find the craft brewer, Glamorgan Brewery, who's welsh cake stout is a rich, dark, chewy mix of oats and raisins. Further along towards Bridgend you'll come across Bang On Brewery, taking a culinary approach to craft beer in Cardiff, who's head brewer has a background as a chef, perhaps the reason for their intriguing flavours.


Leaving Cardiff to the west you'll enter the welsh valleys, a verdant green countryside, steeped in mining history, and scarred from the devastation of the coal industry, but craft beer makers have blossomed in these lush hills, here you'll find Bragdy Twt Lol, otherwise known as the Trefforest Brewery, and further along, Grey Trees, who's craft beers have won multiple awards.



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Craft breweries and the Craft beer scene in Cardiff. Cardiff, Wales' capitol city, home to a variety of Craft Breweries. See our map for a list of craft breweries in Cardiff and learn some of our favourites